━━━━━━━▌ 「 Welcome! 」 ▐━━━━━━━

Welcome to CyscoMC

We are glad to have you here! Welcome to a survival adventure that has it's own twists with space! A new experience of survival will be made live on here whilst you play on this server so don't miss out!

We are a server who welcomes everyone and we have 0 tolerance against toxicity meaning a great community for everyone to enjoy in!

We are a server full of hard working staff members who are constantly working hard to get you the best experience you can ever have on this server, we are also planning on events and future community entertainment for the community!

We have made sure that the server is not P2W (Pay to win) making it fun for everyone and enjoyable!

We also provide a high quality made discord server where you can chat to other players, have fun with the bots and enjoy your time here!

Features in our survival are thought out very well and these include:

In Game Ranks for people who are very grindy and wants to get the top of the ranks

Custom items making the survival experience wild

Planets (Currently the moon is out)

Custom ores in different planets

A flowing and strong economy

Minions for people who wants things to be automated

Custom Enchantments for people who thinks vanilla enchantments are not enough

Custom Mobs to make survival more challenging

Custom Tech


An amazing spawn to explore


And more!

━━━━━━━▌ 「 Webstore Terms Of Services 」 ▐━━━━━━━

Our webstore complies with the EULA provided by Mojang Studios TM.

Abuse of our webstore, or refund policies will result in a complete ban from CyscoMC services.

All items purchased on the store are one off purchases, and fully virtual items with no real life value.

━━━━━━━▌ 「 Refund Policies 」 ▐━━━━━━━

All purchases are non-refundable and issuing a charge back will result in a complete and permanent ban from all CyscoMC services.

In case of a product not being delivered the Owner of CyscoMC may issue a refund.

We are not affiliated or endorsed by Mojang Studios or Notch Development. Do not contact them for issues that may arise here.

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